Friday, September 18, 2009

2 Weeks Worth

Last week, took a day off then went to Atlanta for my interview...Went well ( I think )

This week, I started to tape the drywall, one section at a time. I HATE drywall work. I wish I had some extra $$, I would pay to have it done.

I am now thinking of how to set things out, I am already building the barn in my head, double doors , upstairs hay loft...Now to go looking for some bluprints....or will make my own...

Sunday, September 6, 2009


We Labored.

Between the last 2 weekends,we finished one side, put up the pressure treated 2x10 for the back deck, ( I fell ) put the trim around that wood, ran the siding up some more over the "deck" (could have finished the side, but left the mount for the light fixture at the "old" house), put up more siding along the side wall near the deck, ran up the back side bedroom ( got really windy...let see....high ladders, a big sail in your hand equals a 25 foot fall. I had the 10 foot fall last weekend, so I do not want to press the luck), put up more ceiling drywall (again, LOVE that lift !!), and my father-in-law came by and put up a few outside carriage lights (they do look good, got them at a sales at Lowes!)

Will follow up with some pictures when I can get them off the phone. I left my stuff at work to do that and I do not want to make a special trip.

We are off the beaten path a bit, so there I am banging nails in the siding, my helper comes over and tells me there are some men in the front (my helper then goes back to the HotWheels). I see 2 people in a truck ( did the "No Tresspassing" sign mean anything? ). They want to rake my pine straw (get off my land), they tell me times are tough (get off my land...damn left the bang stick at the old house), I agree with them and tell them politely that we have someone that takes care of the straw. They then want to help me, (your still here?), but I tell them no thanks and the crew will be here shortly. They leave ( Finally ), got the plate number in case of any missing items. We have not had any issue in the 1.5 year construction so far and I want to keep it that way. My crew arrives about 30 minutes later with the hot dogs for grillin...they were good!

Pictures were Updated !

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Weekend of Aug 23rd

Hit the drywall again this weekend, Brian came up, rented a Drywall lift from Home Depot,( I was gonna buy one, then resell on Craigslist when I was done, but Northern Tool did not have one in stock). We go up a total of 20 sticks of drywall, mainly in the living room ceiling and I did Matt's room the evening before.

Insulated the ceiling in the living room as well. It gets really hot up there!

Got a lot done, just does not look like it.

P.S. Bought the lumber to attach the deck to the building. Will get that up first thing on Sat.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Weekend of Aug 15th

We got a late start, did some basic stuff, I went to Lowes for some drywall, you never know when you will need to place some up! I got some siding done on the one side, then the rain came down.

On Sunday, I got lucky ! My brother came up to help open the roof with the vent, so after we did that, I got some help putting up some of that drywall !!

The ceiling was a bit of an issue, I did not have a deadman, so we had some problems. I will be buying a lift from Northern tool. Yea, I can rent one, but I figure the amount of money I spend on renting one for the few weekends of ceilings, gas getting back and forth ( my truck gets a whopping 10mpg), plus I can use it to hold my cabinets when I set the kitchen. When I am done with the lift, off to Craigs List.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Weekend of 8-8-09

I am on my own this weekend, Karen has a birthday party to go to on Sat.

Did some high work, up the ladder/down the ladder, repeat many times. Started the fascia work on the end, completed the soffit corner and squared off the windows.

Set corner for the soffit on the back side..up the ladder down the ladder....

Ran the siding up the other side, lots of cutting because the 10/12 pitch of the roof.


Finished up the soffit on the end, more high work on the end, staying out of the sun...hit 99 today so I kept out of the sun and drank a whole lot. Still you wind up sweatin a whole lot going up and down those ladders!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

This Week..Aug 1st

I planned to go to GA for an interview this morning so I needed one day off. The day fell through, so enjoyed an easy day at home ( NAP ). I went down to the dump to empty the truck, it was full of boxes and miscellaneous building materials. I ran to Lowes on the way home to get some finishing strips for the upper part of the siding. Will go an finish the front tomorrow.

Storm clouds...rained a bit on Sunday, so started to hang some drywall. Got the ceiling hung in the bathroom, lots of cutting with the AC vent and the fan/nightlight/heater !! Got one wall up (well half way at least).

As next weekend hits, we will check the weather to see how it is. Nice, outside...Rain, back to sweating inside.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Boxes for the Hens

I will look towards these boxes when My chicken house is up...

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